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ONCOHELP is the leading company which focuses on the needs of oncological patients who require hospitalisation and post care treatment.


ONCOHELP is made up of a group of professionals who are highly sensitive to patients suffering from cancer.

Our company consists of a group of highly qualified professionals who have conducted detailed market studies in a variety of hospitals. This has given them the valuable knowledge on the texture and composition of basic garments and products which ensure maximum comfort for patients during their treatment in hospital.



Our personal experience and professional background has enabled us to observe the real needs of patients that need to be hospitalised for a period of time.

We know the complexities of preparing for such an important moment. We also realise the importance of being able to obtain suitable garments for patient’s time in hospital and beyond. We know how essential these garments are for the patient and we try to make them easily available to the public and at an affordable price.

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